Arbor Care Services

Trees are the most valuable asset of most landscape installations, however they are often the most ignored in terms of maintenance. Carruthers offers high quality arbor care services exclusively for our commercial landscaping clients, to assure that your trees are getting the attention they need to stay healthy and beautiful. With consistent, proper care, trees will greatly enhance the value of any property. Not only are trees a visual enhancement, they also help protect property from harsh heat by providing shade, and can act as a protective covering from heavy wind and hail.

We Offer a Full Range of Tree Maintenance and Protection

The majority of our tree work is annual maintenance. This usually starts with a major pruning in January, followed by several light trimmings over the year as needed to keep the trees looking great. Each time that our highly trained arbor care technicians work with your trees, they'll look for potential issues that may effect the health of the trees. If a problem is found, steps will be taken to remedy the issue. Our full range of tree related services include:

  • Trimmimg
  • Pruning
  • Cabling
  • Fertilization
  • Insect Control
  • Disease Control
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding

Insect and Disease Control and Prevention
Our years of experience taking care of trees for commercial landscape clients throughout the Dallas - Fort Worth area has allowed us develop trust in the products we use to maintain tree health by careful monitoring of results. We'll use the most effective treatment possible for each specific type of tree. This includes safe fungicides to prevent tree diseases, and both contact and systemic insecticides to control pests.

Large Tree Removal
Occassionally a tree may be found to be beyond saving, or may need to be removed due to the needs of the client. Carruthers is fully equipped to safely remove large trees, taking care to minimize impact on the surrounding landscaping.

Hedge and Shrub Maintenance
In addition to working with trees, we also offer plans to maintain the health and beauty of hedges and shrubs that are part of your landscape installation. Our shrub and hedge care is provided with the same level of attention and expertise as our tree services.

Emergency Tree Services

Extreme weather can sometimes cause even the sturdiest of trees to fall unexpectedly. In a commercial landscaping installation, a fallen tree may restrict access to your building or may block access to your parking areas. For our commercial landscaping clients, we provide an 24 Hour emergency phone number which enables us to respond as quickly as possible to an emergency tree situation, and get your business back to normal as soon as possible.

Tree Service Areas

Carruthers has proudly served the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area since 1978. Our professional tree maintenance and care services are available exclusively to our commercial landscaping clients throughouot the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Have a Question About Our Arbor Care Services?

We'll be glad to answer any questions you have about our tree, hedge and shrub care and mauintenance services. Call Carruthers today at (972) 620-9560 or click here to access our contact us form.