3 Features of Beautiful Commercial Landscaping

3 Features You can find in Beautiful Commercial Landscapes

Successful commercial property owners know the importance and value of pristine landscaping. The building, the exterior, and the hardscaping are critical aspects. But, if the landscaping doesn’t complement those features, they all fall short of creating the image and appearance desired.

When it comes to commercial buildings and property, landscaping cannot be neglected or under-emphasized. Those commercial property owners who understand the role landscaping plays in their overall commercial property, know that their first step is to work closely with a professional landscape designer who can create and present a design that is appealing, functional, and complementary to the exterior and interior.


If you’re having a landscape designed, or re-designed, it’s important that it is designed with enhancing the functionality of the elements surrounding it. In other words, it may be necessary to add new benches, retaining walls or new sidewalks. If you want your landscape to be of service, you’ll want it to offer people employees, or customers somewhere to sit, relax and appreciate the nature you’ve showcased on your property.

You want to invite people to enjoy your landscaping as well as the outdoors. You may even want to add a pond or rocks. Each of these things adds to the splendor of the property while offering additional functionality.

Ease of Care

Based upon seasonal needs.  An experienced landscape designer knows that for those who are in seasonal climates, like Michigan, your outdoor space should be easy to clean and maintain, especially during winter storms. You’ll need an area for piling snow; an area removed from sidewalks so when it melts, it doesn’t turn to ice and cause people to slip and fall. This is an imperative consideration and your landscape designer must show you how that issue will be treated.

In spring, summer and well into fall, lawns will need to be mowed. This means the lawns, and any garden beds, have to be accessible, easily. If they’re hard to get to or get around, the lawn maintenance costs will be much, much higher. And, there is the possibility that the quality of the work will be less than acceptable. Your landscape design needs to show the ease and accessibility of lawn and garden maintenance and care.

Accurate reflection of your business and standards.

The landscape designer you work with should be asking you questions about your business and customers. What products or services do you offer? What is the profile of your clients or customers? These questions and your answers are critical to ensuring you and your business are well-projected and reflected in the elements incorporated into your commercial landscaping.

At Carruthers Landscaping, we take each and every project seriously, putting our utmost effort and care into the unique issues that each of our clients are faced with. We strive to provide our clients with a stress free experience, starting with a free, no-pressure consultation.

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