3 Ways to Maintain the Curb Appeal of your Commercial Property Year-Round

It’s a no brainer that on your commercial property, curb appeal reigns supreme. The idea that for a property to be perceived in a positive light, it needs to look aesthetically pleasing from the street, is not new. Traditionally curb appeal was thought to be a way in which to attract a buyer for a residential property, but modern usage is much different. In a world where commercial properties are the homes of businesses, tenants to be taken care of, with vacancies to be filled, curb appeal is essential. First impressions, maintaining client trust and increasing sales prices are but a few ways that your curb appeal can benefit your commercial property. During the spring and summer, maintaining curb appeal isn’t too difficult with general landscaping, bright flowers, and well manicured grass. The challenge comes in keeping this up all year, as traffic steadily flows through your property, no matter how green the grass is. Now that we have established why curb appeal is so important, let us jump into a few ways in which you can maintain the curb appeal of your property year round.

Off Season Shrub and Tree Care

Oftentimes, companies that perform tree work find themselves much slower in the colder months, which means you should take advantage. Fertilizing your trees as well as your shrubs will make sure they look healthy all year, and increase their resistance to insects and other diseases. Once the growing season slows down, you can also engage in corrective pruning. Although a full blown pruning service is typically not needed, this can keep your trees and shrubs looking good until the spring, when you take them on fully. Well maintained shrubs and trees may not be the focal point of your property, but prospective clients, tenants or simply passersby are sure to take notice.

Plant Selection

When attempting to maximize your landscape’s beauty throughout the entirety of the yard, it would be very beneficial to engage in a “staggered” planting schedule. If you are not already installing plants that are cold resistant, or meant to last all year this is for you. The idea of this strategy is that as soon as one plant begins to fade, another picks up the slack, taking its place. You do not want a spring and summer full of bloom, only to encounter a sad, dead winter display. Distribute your color as evenly as possible for the best results. One of the many benefits you will find if you choose to engage with a professional like Carruthers is access to our expert recommendations, leaving nothing to chance.

Engage in Smart Irrigation

As we have discussed in previous blogs, no benefit to your landscape beats good irrigation. All year round a smart irrigation system can be controlled to adjust for a variety of factors including weather, soil type and consumption. Commercial lawns inevitably use large amounts of water, so making sure that it is used efficiently and effectively throughout the year is a surefire way to maintain that curb appeal year round. Fresh, green grass is the first thing anyone notices about any lawn, and is one of the most important aspects of curb appeal. Features like 24/7 monitoring and weather based programming work “year-round” ensuring your lawn looks great no matter the month.   

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