4 Complaints of Commercial Landscapers

At Carruthers Landscaping we pride ourselves on our experience, having been around for 48 years. We are reliable, consistent, and value the satisfaction of our clients. Now, this is not to say we and our local competitors do not get our fair share of complaints. In the commercial landscaping industry, when jobs are complex, large, and over the course of years, you are bound to run into problems. Whether this be something directly wrong with the company, a bad interaction, or simply a creative difference, we have worked long and hard to minimize these complaints. These complaints take up time, manpower, and risk us losing your valuable business. As a prospective client: property manager, property owner, or municipality, we want you to be informed on exactly what complaints we see most common, and what we do to prevent them, which is why so many make the switch to Carruthers.

Unreliable and Scheduling Issues

We hear so often that clients switching over to us from another commercial landscaping company had trouble staying in contact with their provider, and that maintenance was inconsistent. At Carruthers we dedicate a direct point of contact to you and your property, who will always be available to answer your questions, or address your concerns. We find that this helps avoid many of the subsequent problems on our list, as they can be discussed before they begin.

Irrigation and Drainage Problems

Oftentimes, large commercial properties require immense amounts of water to retain a lush green lawn, and this water guzzling can be a complex chore. Making sure that this is done in the most efficient way possible is the key to a successful client-landscaper relationship. Nobody enjoys a flooded or dead property. Lucky for our clients, we specialize in smart irrigation, with our renowned Carruthers Water Management Program. We employ state of the art weather monitoring technology that determines the needs of your lawn, and allocates water as determined. This takes us out of the equation almost entirely, and removes the risk of an irrigation technician forgetting something, or settings not being adjusted properly.

Inability to Perform Certain Services

More often than not, most commercial landscaping companies of a slightly smaller size than Carruthers, lack the ability or resources to perform certain landscaping tasks. This could be tree service, irrigation, or landscape design and construction. We are often praised for our ability to do anything our clients ask of us. We have certified arborists on staff to take care of your trees, and landscape designers to assist you in building out that next staple piece of your property. That way, you can keep all of your work with one vendor, whom you know and trust.

General Poor Quality of Work

Look, there is a reason we have been around 48 years, and it is not because we do poor work. We use quality assurance protocols to ensure the best work out of our employees, and if you read our reviews, that is exactly what you will find. We hold our workers to the highest standard for a reason. We live and work in the DFW area, so we care about the look and feel of your property. And, when we do great work, and you give us a referral, or we can use a professional picture of your property as marketing material, we benefit too.

If you have any landscaping needs; commercial or residential, don’t hesitate to give our team at Carruthers Landscaping a call at (972) 620-9560.

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