4 Considerations when hiring a Commercial Landscaping Company

While it may be initially overwhelming dealing with the swarms of landscaping companies vying for your commercial landscaping contract via bid, there are some things that you should take into consideration when comparing commercial landscaping companies. Many companies will attempt to underbid to win a contract that they can never fulfill or have a bad reputation for poor communication that they will try to hide. As a property or site manager, we want you to have a good understanding of what you should consider when looking for your Commercial Maintenance Contractor, coming from the inside of the industry.

1.) Clear understanding of your needs

Choosing the correct commercial landscaping company to maintain your property cna have a real effect on your bottom line. Your place of business is extremely important and its aesthetic needs to always be on point. Making sure the company you choose to work with understands the scope of the work, the project goals, and a communication plan is vital to the success of a client – landscaper relationship. A professional commercial landscape company will identify all of these issues precisely and clearly, as they have likely been there before, leading us into our second consideration: experience.

2.) Body of Work

Working with a commercial landscaping company who has a large portfolio of large commercial clients can only enhance your surety that they will get the job done and done right. You don’t want the 5th guy off the bench taking the three pointer to win the game, you want your all star who has taken those shots his whole career. At Carruthers we strive to provide all of our commercial clients the best care possible, and we are confident we have. That is why we have such a large body of work with many positive relationships with commercial clients across the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Go to our website, and check out our many commercial partners.

3.) Budgeting and Contracts

An experienced, large, commercial landscaping company can often provide lower bids than other, less experienced contractors due to their size. Your job often won’t require them to purchase any more equipment that they do not already possess, or hire any more workers than they already have. This is not uncharted territory for them. They will also work with you to meet your budgetary needs and communicate effectively with you on that. Be mindful of the contract proposals, do they look neat and organized? Or do they look like they were thrown together on a piece of copy paper.

4.) Qualified staff and employees

In regard to the scope of your work, make sure that the company has the staff that meet your landscaping needs. Arborists for tree maintenance and care, Horticulturists if you desire specialized plant care, or even quality foreman who you can trust to maintain your commercial property.

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