5 Reasons Why Carruthers is the Place to Start Your Landscaping Career

If you’re someone who likes the outdoors and enjoys the idea of being outside as opposed to cooped up in an office or a cubicle, then you might be considering a landscaping career. When you work with the right company, this can be a rewarding and successful career path.
But there’s no doubt that finding the right company is key. Not all landscaping companies are the same and working at one can be a totally different experience from another.

Since you might be wondering about Carruthers, specifically, we’ve rounded up 5 reasons why this is a great place to start your landscaping career.

1. We Focus on Training

While some companies throw new employees right into the mix without much training, at Carruthers, we are committed to properly onboarding new team members. One of the ways that we do this is with the “buddy system.” New hires get paired with an existing team member who can serve as a mentor and help them with any questions that they have along the way. It’s been a really successful way of ensuring new hires feel supported and receive the training they need.

2. We Emphasize Team Camaraderie

While a lot of landscape companies talk about positive work culture, not all of them really follow through on promoting it. But at least once a month at Carruthers, we plan get-togethers where the employees will stick around after work and enjoy a quick meal together. We really believe in creating a team atmosphere. If you’re going to spend every day working with the team, it helps to all be able to share a positive work environment.

3. We Provide Ladder-Climbing Opportunities

At Carruthers, we like to promote from within. When our team members are doing a great job with us, we want to be able to provide opportunities for advancement so that they can climb the career ladder. We believe that’s beneficial for everyone. After all, when people feel like they’re stuck in dead-end jobs, with no opportunity to advance, they often end up leaving. We’d rather help our people to create long-term careers here.


4. We Offer Competitive Pay

Of course, everything that we’ve talked about so far probably wouldn’t mean much if we didn’t also offer competitive pay. We understand that as much as you like the idea of working outdoors, you need to make a living and support yourself and your family. At Carruthers, we understand the importance of providing a livable wage and offer competitive pay in our area.

5. We Have Management that Cares

Ultimately, all of these factors point to the same fact—we are a company with management that truly does care about its people. You’re not just a number to us. We like to get to know the team members who make up our company—and we treat them with respect. After all, we know that we wouldn’t be the successful company that we are today if it weren’t for our team. It’s that “family-like atmosphere” and a caring management team that really makes Carruthers a great place to work.

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