5 Tenant Retention Landscaping Ideas for your Commercial Property

Your commercial property’s landscape and your tenant’s happiness are inextricably linked—whether they realize it or not. Amazing and beautiful outdoor spaces are valuable and help to maintain long-term, happy tenants.

We’ve rounded up 5 of our best tenant retention landscaping ideas for your commercial property.

  1. Add an Outdoor Break/Amenity Space

It’s no surprise that people want to spend more time outside than ever before. But if they don’t have a functional and attractive space where they can go on your property, they’ll either feel as though they have to leave, or they’ll be stuck inside more than they want. This is why adding usable outdoor space can be so valuable in terms of tenant retention. 

Of course, we’re talking more than plopping a picnic bench outside. Instead, you should consider ways that you can make an area on the property attractive and appealing.  That could mean adding a hardscaped patio area with walkways. But it could also mean maintaining an attractive lawn area where employees can gather for some recreational fun on their break or even after work. Amenity areas are more popular than ever in commercial landscapes and adding these can absolutely boost retention. 

  1. Think About Privacy

If you’re creating an outdoor space where your tenants can enjoy spending time on the property, then it’s important to consider their privacy. Outdoor spaces are much more enjoyable when they offer some privacy and seclusion. They don’t want to be on display for other building tenants or perhaps drivers-by to see. Your tenants likely want to be able to take a break, or perhaps a private call, in a secluded space.

Landscaping can be a great way to create privacy in an outdoor space. The right use of trees and shrubs can create the feeling of a “room” without walls. It can also help make an outdoor area a great place to “escape to” when tenants need a few minutes outside. With lines of sight taken into consideration when planning on greenery, it’s easy to block other peoples’ view of your outdoor space.

  1. Beauty They can be Proud Of

Whether it’s a stunning front entranceway with a seasonal annual rotation or it’s beautiful flowers around their break area, there’s no question that your tenants will appreciate these pops of color and greenery. Whether they explicitly think about it or not, it will make them happier. 

The fact is your commercial landscape plays a critical role in either attracting and welcoming people—or turning them away. There is a perception that comes with the aesthetics of your property and you want it to be a positive one. If you create a beautiful landscape, it’s something that your tenants will be proud of. 

  1. Get to Know Your Tenants

While not exactly a landscaping idea, we wanted to mention the value of getting to know the tenants who utilize your commercial property. What do they care about most with the outdoor spaces around your property? Do they have any complaints? Taking the time to listen to what tenants have to say can ultimately benefit you by keeping them happy. Their ideas just may attract future tenants, as well.

  1. Don’t Forget to Maintain it, Too

Finally, we’d be remiss in not mentioning the importance of keeping up with ongoing landscape maintenance. You can have the most beautiful commercial landscape space in the world, but if you go too long without caring for it, it can easily fall into disrepair. After all, your landscape is a living and evolving thing! It’s going to keep growing and changing—and you want to be sure it’s properly groomed and cared for as that happens. 

The last thing that you want is a tenant to have to come to you with a complaint about branches being overgrown onto walkways or about the plants looking tired and dated. Over time, landscaping can not only become an eyesore, but it can become a hazard, too. That’s why nothing keeps tenants happier than a fresh landscape that continues to look its best over time thanks to the care that you’re putting in.

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