5 Types of Properties We Serve at Carruthers

We are a commercial landscaping company, and specialize in providing long term maintenance services to a variety of commercial clients. Different types of properties are serviced differently, and oftentimes, we have to go through different processes. We wanted to give you an overview of each type of property, and the key points, and pieces of information you need to know, if you are responsible for said property. Aligned with our values, we intend to be very transparent when it comes to the type of work we do, and for whom. We work with property managers, and property owners, on a wide variety, so here is a comprehensive breakdown.

Office Parks

One of the most common types of commercial properties that we serve, these are often centered around creating a comfortable work environment for our client’s tenants. This always includes comprehensive lawn maintenance, and generally plant installations, to give the property a very biophilic feel. Because there are typically expansive sections of turf, we also find this is a great place for smart irrigation. These campuses are usually water guzzlers, so we find we are able to save our clients money with the installation of a smart irrigation system.


Another very prominent type of property for us, this is often one of the largest and most complex to deal with. With there being many city-owned buildings and pieces of land throughout the municipality, this is where logistics become difficult. To make sure this never becomes an issue, we prioritize consistency and communication, to ensure that residents of our municipalities never feel as if their landscape is lacking. 

Residential (Apartment) Complexes and HOA’s

Although a little bit out of the typical commercial range, we are well equipped to serve apartment complexes, and large residential communities. We find that often we are directed to focus on community projects such as patios or gardens. The outdoor landscape is vital to the health of any community, as it is the first impression given to prospective buyers. You also need an experienced team, like the one at Carruthers, in order to foster a safe, family friendly environment.

Universities and School Districts

With miles of walking, and sprawling campuses, universities and school districts are in dire need of quality landscaping. As colleges vie for the enrollment of prospective students, the campus atmosphere is a great selling point, and the landscape is a large piece of that. No student wants to spend their formative years walking around dire looking grounds with dead material. This is why we are already the official landscaper for local universities, we know what it takes to create the beautiful landscape your students desire. 

Hospitals and Medical Buildings

As places of healing, the grounds of hospital complexes are typically vast, and walked by people in all different stages of life. For those grieving the loss of a loved one, or those celebrating the addition of a brand new family member, being surrounded by a beautiful landscape can only make things better. With these types of properties, we deal with a lot of plant material, installation and rotation, and find that this enhances the look and feel of the property. It also compares to that of a corporate campus, in that it can benefit greatly from a smart, optimized irrigation system.

If you have any landscaping needs; commercial or residential, don’t hesitate to give our team at Carruthers Landscaping a call at (972) 620-9560.

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