5 Ways we manage your Commercial Lawn

Managing your Commercial Lawn

Although a seemingly simple task, mowing your lawn contributes to an abundance of your business’s exterior landscape. First impressions are vital, whether to a viewer or a potential client, this is the first thing that will be seen visiting or appraising your home. How you manage your lawn can either contribute to your buyers appeal or become a deteriorating eye sore. We want the latter, so we here at Carruthers Landscaping have compiled a few ways in which we can take care of your lawn this fall. Here’s an inside scoop into how we provide our clients top notch lawn maintenance service.


Alternatively, to other yard maintenance tasks, that can be held off until the last possible moment, lawn maintenance takes some strategic timing. The better your timing, the more efficient the job will be. While it may seem easy to mow your grass when it’s a little damp, we will try to mow your lawn when it is completely dry. When the grass is dry the blade stands upright and provides for a cleaner, smoother cut of your grass.


When mowing your lawn, we remember the patterns we cut in, and to change it up every time we mow. Grass will develop a grain growth, and grow disproportionately or to one side, making it more difficult to mow. Changing our pattern every week: vertical, horizontal, and diagonal will cause your grass to grow straight up and allow for a more even, aesthetically pleasing cut.

Mower Maintenance

Picking up and attempting to use a pair of dull scissors is never enjoyable, cutting poorly and imprecisely. The same thing could be happening to your grass if you do not keep your mowers blade nice and sharp. Dull blades can ruin any project, whether it be arts and crafts or lawn mowing. We recommend sharpening your blade every 6-8 cuts to keep things nice and fresh.

Lawn Clippings

It may be a habit at this point to put lawn clippings in the trash – it seems like that is where they would belong! Contrary to this popular practice, spreading lawn clippings out evenly on your freshly cut lawn incentivizes growth, regenerating new grass and causing it to be healthier.

Why Hire a Professional

While we do not doubt your capability to mow your own lawn, we here at Carruthers are aware that your business has more pressing matters at hand than maintaining your commercial lawn. We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining only the best lawns, and we want to create a lush green lawn that becomes the carpet of your property. If you are investing in Professional Lawn Care you expect the best, and that is us.

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