Annual Flowers for Commercial Properties

Annuals are one of the best ways to brighten up your commercial landscape. Nothing quite boosts curb appeal and adds “wow factor” like flowers. The texture and color variety of these seasonal plants stand out against concrete and brick buildings and really make your property “pop.”

But there’s more to installing annuals than a lot of people realize.

We’ll cover some important things to keep in mind when it comes to adding annual flowers to commercial properties.

Location Really Matters When Planting Annual Flowers

The number one, most important factor when installing annuals is to remember that location is everything. Whether your annuals need full sun or shade are critical details—but we find they are often overlooked or underestimated.

However, if you, or your landscape professional, installs annuals in a location that is not ideal for their growth they could ultimately fail.

We understand why this happens. It’s easy for people to get caught up in colors or varieties that they really like—and to overlook the importance of the site conditions. But this could result in losing your investment in these beautiful blooms.

Think about Color Schematics

Once you’ve matched the right type of flower to the proper site conditions, then you can think about other important details, such as color. A lot of people struggle with determining which colors go best together. Some of this is a matter of personal preference.

But it also takes an eye for design.

There are different ways to approach color schematics. Some commercial properties look great with big blocks of monochromatic color. Others look great with a repetitive color pattern. Still others look the best with a wide range of different colors.

You can work with your landscape design professional to determine what arrangement will look best on your property.

Space Annuals Thoughtfully

Another area where annual installation can go awry is in the spacing. Like color schematics, the layout also takes an eye for design and you can tell the difference between an annual installation that was thrown together haphazardly and one that was completed by a landscape pro.

You want annuals to be spaced in a thoughtful way—not make it appear as though you planted “one here” and “one there.” There must be some rhyme and reason to it all. If there’s not, it’s going to look messy and defeat the purpose of being an aesthetic enhancement.

A landscape designer will also put thought into where the annuals should go—not only from a site condition perspective but also in terms of where they’ll have the most impact. When it comes to annual flowers at commercial properties, it’s all about getting the most bang for your buck.

If you’ve been searching for annual flower installation for your commercial property, we can help. The team at Carruthers Landscape Management has been completing commercial annual installations for years and knows what works and what doesn’t. We can come up with specific ideas for your property that will deliver maximum curb appeal.

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