Beyond Landscaping: Why Carruthers

With customers having such a large selection of landscape contractors to choose from these days, why choose Carruthers Landscaping for your landscaping needs? As a steady leader in the industry since 1978, Carruthers Landscaping has a proven track record of reliable, quality service and design excellence that clients can count on. Every year new companies start and long-time companies close, so what makes Carruthers Landscaping so venerable? We attribute our longevity, dedication to customer satisfaction, quality workmanship, and our belief in honest and fair dealings with our clients. Here are 5 reasons, beyond landscaping, that make us different.


Whenever you call us, we’ll get right on your question or concern. But even more important than being reactive is being proactive — so you don’t have to call us in the first place. We don’t want anything on your property to get out of hand. But when we’re proactive with your turf care, it should be healthy and relatively free of weeds. If we’re proactive with your irrigation, there shouldn’t be a problem that causes a brown patch of grass or a bed of wilted flowers.


One of the biggest complaints we hear from property managers looking to make a switch is that their main contact keeps changing and that the crews working on their property are never the same. Here at Carruthers, we’re constantly working to provide our employees with a great place to work. This means you have experienced workers who are going to be familiar with your property and the people who use it year after year.

Quality Evaluation

With our Carruthers “Quality Program Process”, where we detail the exact specifications of your needs, including when you will be contacted, how you will be contacted, and how you would like your work to be performed, your needs will always be satisfied. When your concerns are heard, we will be able to assess where we are lacking and get back to our top tier service. Only the best quality is tolerated at Carruthers Landscaping.

Notification of Extra Work

You tell us how you prefer to be contacted. Text? Some people love it. Text away. Others prefer email. Maybe you’re a phone call person. Text, email, phone? Just let us know.

Reporting for Large Clients

If you are a larger commercial client, who would like analytics to begin to understand how your property is being managed, look no further. From our Smart Water Management Program, to in depth audit of your property, these things can all be implemented in any service plan.

We understand that weeding out the inferior landscape companies can be a daunting task. It’s possible that you’re weary of even starting because you’ve been utterly disappointed in the past by uninspired designs or poor craftsmanship. Or maybe the experience was just too fraught with headaches to do over again. We promise that your experience with Carruthers will be good, well beyond landscaping.

If you are interested in learning more about our hardscaping or any other services we offer at Carruthers Landscaping, check out our website or contact us today at (972) 620-9560.

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