Commercial Landscape Enhancements to Consider

The current real estate market is hot as ever. Keeping your tenants happy and your commercial property in the loop is a priority these days. Whether you are a University competing for students, or a local office park vying for local businesses to reside within your property, you must stay competitive. One great way to do this is to consistently update your property with enhancements, keeping it fresh and new. Working with a commercial landscaper to design unique ways to implement these landscapes can be great for business. A well manicured landscape is a key to catching potential tenants and visitors’ eyes. Think about the following commercial landscape enhancements when debating how to best prepare your property for new growth. 

Plant Installation

No commercial property is complete without a well thought out selection of annuals and perennials. With the great weather we enjoy in Texas, there are an abundance of options when it comes to your plant selection. Whether you prioritize color, or attracting wildlife; like butterflies and birds, we have something for you. Planting encompasses a much larger design journey than just the flowers, as you now get to consider how and where you plant these new flowers. Integration with hardscapes, edging, or mulch are all great ways to accentuate the look of your plants.

Mulch Everywhere

A fantastic addition to any landscape, commercial or otherwise, mulch does nothing but benefit your property. Mulching your plant beds, around your trees, and your shrubs, will give your landscape a great look, as well as provide cover for your soil. Decreasing erosion, and increasing breathability, mulch will also prevent the growth of weeds. It is also extremely low maintenance, and cost effective, only needing to be replaced every 1 – 2 years. While organic wood chips are great, you could also make the choice to go with decorative rock, and achieve a purely aesthetic look. While you lose out on some health benefits, pebbles can also be very low maintenance and low cost.

New Irrigation System

Your lawn is more than likely the most important part of your landscape, so when you look to take care of it, irrigation is a must. We talk all the time about our signature water management program, powered by smart irrigation. This technology takes into consideration weather data, and 24/7 monitoring to ensure your yard is using the optimal amount of water. Almost all commercial properties are overwatered, and we have found that our water program saves our clients so much water that their investment into our expansive irrigation systems pays for itself in only a year and a half. A better system, and more money in your pocket. 

Common Areas

While less of an enhancement, and more of an idea, you should attempt to integrate your enhancements into common areas on your commercial property. People are looking to intermingle, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic, cooping everyone up. Imagine a large patio, accented with carefully selected plant material. This style of common area can be great for any commercial property, giving your tenants a space to congregate, and increasing the sense of community. Great for morale, retention, and your pockets. 

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