Compliment Your Commercial Landscape With Color

Many individuals in charge of managing the landscaping for their respective commercial property, whether it be an office park, HOA, or apartment complex, make a similar mistake. The common misconception is that by simply engaging in routine maintenance, you are adequately maintaining your property. While this may seem true at first glance, routine maintenance is missing a core piece of true landscape management. To truly keep your property up to date, and your landscape competitive, you must engage in a variety of enhancements. This may be a new hardscape, or a fresh layer of mulch, but the one we want to focus on today is color. Green can be found throughout your property, from the lawn to the tops of the trees. However, if you want to beautify your landscape, you are going to need to find various ways to add more color.

Benefits of Adding Color

Each season of the year is going to demand a different color that fits the seasonal climate. Different varieties are going to fare better or worse depending on the season, so you want to make sure that your landscape looks good all year. Dead flowers look terrible, and a manicured selection of flowers in well-maintained flower beds is only going to add to the look and feel of your property. Many varieties attract wildlife, and native plants contribute to the sustainability of your landscape as well. Beyond looking great, adding color can also be a functional benefit to your landscaping.

Utilize Annual Flower Rotation

Likely the simplest way to integrate color into your landscape is to have your commercial landscaper rotate annual flowers every season, to ensure consistent color. You can showcase new plants each season, impressing visitors every time they walk your property. Part of annual flower rotation is also the ability to update the design of your beds seasonally, whereas a static bed would look the same all year. With more design freedom with more color, you can also find functional benefits. By rotating your flowers, you allow for the soil to remain balanced, and lower the chances of pests or disease taking over as they can never truly take hold.

Low Maintenance: Perennials

If you do not feel like engaging in the investment that annual rotation requires, whether it be time or capital, perennials may be another great option. Ideally, you would use both in your landscape, but perennials offer a lower maintenance option. They offer color at one point in the year, when they bloom, and essentially act as greenery at all other times. Something is better than nothing, and perennials can still come in beautiful varieties and look great.

Add Color Everywhere

When thinking about adding color, you should not be limited to just flower beds around your property. Your patio can be another great place to add plants in containers, as can your entrances and walkways. Be creative in your flower installation, and consider all options. Many shrubs can bloom with color and can be used to create privacy and structure around your landscape. Think about the places that will attract the most attention, with or without color, and add some flowers to make them stand out even more.

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