Front Entranceway Landscaping Ideas to Make Your Property Stand Out

Your front entranceway is the first impression that people get of your property—so it should be something that “wows.” The truth is the front of your property sets the tone for the entire experience—good or bad. In the same way that a spectacular front entryway can draw in guests, tenants, or residents, an unkempt or unoriginal front entrance can turn people away. 

Even if you have an amazing building or an impressive interior, it can be difficult to overcome a bad first impression. In fact, an unattractive entryway can actually prevent people from looking at or considering your property in the first place. 

If you’re looking to create a front entrance that will help your property stand out, keep these ideas in mind.

Go for a Pop of Color

Nothing quite freshens up a front entryway or adds appeal the way that a rotation of seasonal flowers does. You really do want that bright and beautiful burst of color if you’re even going to be able to compete with other commercial properties in the area.

Seasonal enhancements have almost come to be an expectation at a front entrance. But that doesn’t mean you have to go with only flowers. With the right foundational plantings, you can have lush greenery that will also add to the appeal.

Rocks and stones can also be used in front entranceway landscaping to help fill space in an attractive but cost-effective way. 

Be Original

Of course, this is also an opportunity to get more creative—even beyond color. You might want to work your brand or logo into the entryway display either in the form of color or even shape. Depending upon the complexity of your logo, it could be designed with plant material.

You might also think about creating tiered landscape beds. If you have a sloped property, you are already naturally set up to have landscaping completed in a tier-like fashion using retaining walls to hold back erosion but also add aesthetically to the look. In fact, this is a really exciting way to take an otherwise boring slope and turn it into something incredibly attractive and visually appealing. 

Don’t Overlook the “Small Stuff”

When it comes to an area of the property as highly visible as the front entryway, there is no room to “overlook” small details. Everything is on display and therefore every detail counts. This means that keeping up with regular mulch replacement/refreshing and ensuring that all of your plant beds are expertly edged will help to keep this area in tip-top shape. 

You also want to make sure that your front entryway is regularly and impeccably maintained. Debris or any sort of mess at this area will stand out more than any other. Unfortunately, it will also set a negative tone.

If you want your commercial property to stand out in a good way, having a neat-and-tidy entrance will go a long way!

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