When you hire a professional landscape company to handle your commercial maintenance needs, you want to know that you can trust them to do the job well. But the number one issue that stands in the way of excellent service—and results—is when companies hire inept workers.

Unfortunately, this happens quite often. Most landscape companies are willing to hire cheap labor in order to build their bottom line. But this is done at a disservice to you.

At Carruthers, we simply don’t operate this way. We are incredibly selective about who we hire because we know it directly impacts the quality of our services. This is one of the key ways in which we stand out from the competition.

We Make it Right

While a lot of landscape companies use their websites to make big claims about always getting things right, we know that mistakes happen. While we get it right the vast majority of the time, we’re not going to boast that we never make a mistake.

However, what we can say, without a doubt, is that when we do mess up—we fix it right away. We drop what we’re doing, and we make the necessary corrections.

This is something else that we think sets us apart—because there are plenty of companies who don’t own up to their errors. While it is always our goal to get everything right for you the first time—and we almost always do—if we do make a mistake, you can count on us to fix it. This is the core of our Management Process!

Your Partner in Landscaping

In the end, it comes down to our devotion to be your partner in commercial landscape management. When we partner with you, that means we treat your property as though it were our own. This is why we only hire the best workers, we always strive for top quality, and we are quick to fix any mistake that we make. Ultimately, we want to give all of our clients the total peace of mind that their property is in good hands.

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