Tree Fertilization

Trees can be a valuable investment in your commercial property, and you want to do whatever you can to keep them looking and performing their best. But trees can struggle when they are newly added to a landscape and often require a little bit of extra help to become established.

Support New Trees with Tree Fertilization

If you have any new trees on your property, then they may require tree fertilization services in order to continue to thrive. It’s common for new and young trees to struggle due to nutrient deficiencies.

While established trees survive well in Texas’ sandy soil, new and young trees often require some extra care. By fertilizing these trees on your commercial property, you can help ensure that they’ll receive the vital nutrients they need to continue to grow and mature. Fertilizing trees is a great step in the direction of preventative care aimed at protected the investment in your landscape.

How are Tree Fertilization Services Performed?

At Carruthers, we utilize granular fertilization as well as deep root tree injections, depending upon what your trees need to thrive. We can develop a customized plan that will work best for your landscape’s specific needs.

Choosing Wisely

Ultimately, it is your smart choices that will lead to stronger trees on your property. By making the decision to have a professional perform tree fertilization for your new and immature trees, you’ll be able to hand over your tree worries knowing that they’re getting exactly what they need. That means you’ll be able to receive the full enjoyment out of them for years to come.

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