Irrigation System Components

Irrigation System Components

A modern irrigation system can consist of rotating or fixed position sprinkler heads, micro-spray, and drip irrigation. Traditional sprinkler heads disperse water over an entire area and are great for grass. Drip irrigation delivers water right at the base of the plant through a system of flexible irrigation tubing. Micro-spray irrigation is like drip irrigation by delivering a fine mist right where it is needed.

Irrigation systems for commercial properties can use all these methods as needed depending on the plants used for the landscaping design.

In addition to the different types of water dispersion, commercial irrigation systems typically utilize a computerized control system. These sophisticated control systems allow for various irrigation “zones” which can be activated independently of one another. The advantage of this is that the system can be programmed to automatically run at maximum efficiency. Usually, this means running at night when there is less chance for rapid moisture evaporation and saving water by not overwatering plants that don’t need much moisture to stay healthy.

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