Landscape Design and Construction

Your commercial landscape design and construction is where your project starts to take shape and come to life. Every commercial property is unique—and should be treated as such.

That all begins with the design.

The last thing that you want is to work with a company that is going to give you a cookie-cutter solution for your property. Instead, you want a landscape designer that is going to listen to your ideas and incorporate all of your wants and needs—but who will also investigate issues and suggest solutions that you might not have even thought about. This is how the very best landscapes take shape.

  • Home Owners Associations
  • Office Buildings
  • Office Showrooms
  • Institutions
  • Universities
  • Zoos
  • Large Residential Projects
  • Pruning
  • Municipalities
  • School Districts
  • Hospitals

The Carruthers Construction Process

Every commercial property is unique. This means that each property will require a unique landscaping plan. The expert staff and technicians at Carruthers will utilize their years of experience in commercial landscape design and construction to create attractive, functional and affordable landscaping specifically tailored for each property.

Our Design and Construction Process

Installation work will begin as soon as possible after the final design and budget approval. Our highly trained crew will use professional equipment to perform the installation to the specifications in the plan with a level of craftsmanship that makes Carruthers the top choice for commercial landscaping. We feel that communication is important during this phase, so our crew stays in contact with the client through all phases of the job. This is important as there are occasionally unforeseen changes that need to be made, and we want the client to be able to be part of that decision making process if necessary.

Once the project has been completed, we’ll do a final walkthrough with the client. During this walkthrough, we’ll answer any questions the client may have and advise them of anything they may need to know about the installation.

Following the completion of the project, we’ll always be available to answer questions our clients may have about the landscaping. Most clients opt to continue a relationship with Carruthers by contracting us for landscape management/maintenance services.

Dallas Landscape


Our process begins by meeting with the client to discuss their needs and criteria for the landscape project. We may also do a short site survey to view the area where the landscaping will be installed to see if there are any challenges that need to be addressed during the planning stage. During this initial meeting, we'll establish a rough cost and budget for the project.

Preliminary Design

then meet with you again and discuss what you like or may not like, and answer any questions you may have based on the visualization.

Master Design

We will use the information compiled at the PRELIM meeting to create a final master design which incorporates any of the changes that you requested.

Final Proposal

Once the final drawing is approved by the client, we'll confirm a finalized price with the requested changes.

Service Areas

Carruthers has proudly served the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area since 1978. If you are interested in any of our commercial landscaping services but aren’t sure if you are in our service area, please call us at (972) 620-9560 and we’ll let you know.

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