How to Arrange Flowers in a Flower Bed

Flower Bed Arrangements

Flower beds add a tremendous amount of curb appeal to commercial properties. In terms of value, flowers can be a differentiator when a lot of properties start to look like cookie-cutter, mirror-images of one another. Adding some color is a great way to make your property stand out from the crowd because people remember that “wow factor.”

But flowers aren’t just about attracting new interest. Flowers also brighten your property in a way that can make your current tenants or employees happy. When strategically planted, flowers can be welcoming or help boost peoples’ moods.

Of course, coordinating flowers in a landscaped bed is a bit more involved than most people realize. A lot of times people assume all they need to do is pick up a few flats of annuals that they like and install them. But without some coordination and thoughtful planning, it can look messy or unplanned—or even worse, it could fail.

That’s why we’re talking about some important considerations when arranging flowers in a flower bed.

Make Sure to “Colorscape”

Planning out the colors in your intended arrangement in a thoughtful way is an important aspect of an impressive flower bed set-up. The process of creating a “colorscape” is a detail that isn’t always given the attention that it deserves but it can make a really big difference in the final look.

You want to choose a color scheme made up of colors that work well together. Of course, many people would argue that this point is subjective. What colors you think look good together might be different than what someone else thinks.

Still, that being said, you really don’t want just a random hodgepodge of colors all thrown together with no rhyme or reason. Even if you want to create a colorscape with a “rainbow” of colors, you’ll want to group like colors together for a more impressive look. One color here and another one there can look messy and unplanned.

Go Big!

Annual displays give off that “wow factor” when you use a lot of them. On a commercial property you may need a substantial number of flowers to have the impact that you’re seeking. It’s easy to underestimate the number that you’ll need. But you don’t want flowers to look super spaced apart as the curb appeal will be lost.

If you’re doing a welcoming seasonal flower display at your entrance or company sign—or in the front of your HOA—you’ll want to make sure that you use the ideal number of flowers for the effect you want to create. Most of the time “go big” is good advice when it comes to flower appeal.

Pay Attention to Sun Exposure

It’s also incredibly important to pay attention to flowers’ needs in terms of sun exposure. Flowers are usually grouped as needing full sun, partial sun, or shade. When flower arrangements are tackled without the help of a professional, mistakes are commonly made in terms of planting the right flowers in their ideal location. This could lead to a lack of performance—or even worse, total failure of your flower display.

Site conditions are essential when it comes to your success so pay attention to just how much sun the area that you’re planting in receives. Then, make the proper flower selection for those exact conditions.

Work with a Professional for the Best Flower Arrangements

At the end of the day, what you’re probably trying to achieve is a professional-looking flower display that really gives the max appeal. Instead of trying to achieve this on your own and risking mistakes, you can partner with a pro and have no doubts that you’ll get the look (and results) you’re after.

Better yet, when you partner with a professional you can also allow them to care for your flower beds going forward. This will help ensure you continue to get the results you want—without the worries.

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