How to Repair a Damaged Lawn

How To Attack the Repair Process

Lawn damage can be a huge source of frustration and can have a negative impact on property appearance and value. If you’re struggling with lawn damage on your commercial property, you want to find the quickest and most effective way to resolve it.

Proper Sleuthing

The first step in fixing lawn damage is proper identification of the problem. After all, you have to know what you’re dealing with in order to be able to fix it. But there are actually a number of potential culprits behind lawn damage.

It could be an insect problem, a turf disease, a soil health issue, drought stress, or damage from previous lawn care mistakes that were made. If your grass is turning yellow or brown or you have areas of bare spots you need to get to the bottom of why it’s happening so that you can implement the proper solution and turn things around.

Involving a Professional in Lawn Damage Identification

Of course, figuring out what’s wrong with your lawn may be a complicated endeavor as it’s not uncommon for the same set of symptoms to mean a number of different problems. A lawn can turn yellow, brown, and then die (and create a bare spot) for many different reasons.

The trouble with improper identification of a problem is that some treatments can actually make an issue worse.

For example, it’s not uncommon to assume that a yellowing lawn is drought-stressed as discoloration is certainly a symptom of a lack of water. However, a lawn that is receiving too much water will also turn yellow as the roots are essentially drowned and the grass is deprived of oxygen. If you were to start watering an already overwatered lawn, you could actually make the problem worse. You might even create conditions for lawn fungus to form and spread as diseases thrive in wet conditions.

That’s why it’s helpful to involve a professional in the diagnosis and treatment of any lawn damage problems you may encounter. Sometimes it’s even a combination of more than one issues occurring at once.

Lawn Damage Solutions

The proper solution to your lawn damage problem will depend upon what’s identified. It might mean appropriate curative treatments for an insect problem or a fungicide for a lawn fungus concern.

Besides treating the concern, you’ll also need to repair damage. A lawn that has turned brown and died in areas will leave behind bare spots. The best way to fill these in with lawn aeration and overseeding.

Once you go through this lawn transformation and repair those damaged areas, you’ll also want to do what you can to maintain your efforts. This means that you should make ongoing lawn care part of your regular routine. This will make a huge difference in the upkeep of your property going forward.

In addition to providing your lawn with what it needs to perform its best, being part of an ongoing program has the added benefit of meaning there are professional eyes on your property who can spot and treat problems before they become more serious. That’s a tremendous value that you get out of your investment in professional lawn care. You might think of it as protecting your investment in your lawn! After all, repairing problems can get costly (not to mention set back your property value). In the long-run, it makes more sense to maintain your healthy lawn than to constantly be catching up on fixing damage.

Working with Carruther’s to Fix Lawn Damage

At Carruther’s Landscape Management, we are here to partner with you on all of your lawn care needs. If you have existing lawn damage from a mistake made by a previously hired lawn care professional or from a disease, insect, or other concern, we are here to help! Not only can we help you to identify the problem but we can also get the proper solutions into place. That means no more worrying about lawn damage but instead just enjoying the value of your property.

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