Importance of Tree Health on your Commercial Property

Trees are a staple of your commercial property, and so important in creating privacy, safety, and maturity. Maintaining their health is important, from pruning, to removal should pests or disease take over, and result in decay. Mature trees can increase the value of your property, and they provide great symmetry and shape for your property. However, every tree is different, so it is very important to select the right trees for your property, when considering installation. Trees are often overlooked by property managers, and property owners, as they are almost so big you forget about them. Eventually they begin to just be present, and become an afterthought of your landscapers. This is bad practice, and as any good commercial landscaper knows, trees are vital to your property. Here we will go over the importance of your trees on your commercial property. 

Benefits of Trees 

First, we must establish the benefits of your trees, so you can see the importance of them. Trees create shade on your property, as well as privacy on industrial or corporate campuses. Mature trees can increase your property value exponentially, which is more money in your pocket. Beyond functionality, they also look great, and many varieties can even bloom with beautiful colors. Trees are also the home of many types of wildlife, and contribute to your local environment. These trees are critical to creating the oxygen you intake everyday. As you consider your trees, remember that the healthier they are, the more benefits that will be had.

Selecting and Installing Trees

At Carruthers, we have a landscape design team that specializes in integrating your selected plant material into your landscape. There are many factors to consider when choosing to install new trees, as the investment is extremely long term. Native trees are almost always going to be best, as they are suited for the environment, and require less maintenance. Privacy and sight lines are other things to consider, and how they will be affected as your tree grows. You also need to make sure you understand how intensive the maintenance on a certain variety is, as you commit to taking care of it long term. 

Commercial Tree Maintenance

As we have already discussed the importance of maintenance on your trees, you need to know exactly which services are going to be required, no matter the age, type, or health of your tree. Your trees are going to need to be trimmed every so often, as when you remove decay, you prevent future issues. New trees, or trees suffering from a lack of nutrients may benefit from fertilization. On top of that, trees are susceptible to pests and disease and may need to be treated for such. In the worst of scenarios, if you need to remove a tree, do so, as they can pose a large safety risk. At Carruthers, our tree technicians are well trained and versed in every tree problem or maintenance issue you could encounter. For tree experts, choose Carruthers. 

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