Keeping your irrigation system in optimal working order is essential when it comes to ensuring your property continues to look and perform its best. Without ample water, your turf and your plant material will begin to struggle and potentially even die. But making sure your commercial irrigation system is functioning as it should is more than just checking for leaks. You also want to make sure that landscaped areas are getting adequate coverage which could mean periodic adjustments may be needed.

We’ve rounded up some important irrigation maintenance tips to help ensure your property is getting everything it should out of the irrigation system. 

Placement is Key

If you have a great irrigation system but don’t have proper placement of components such as spray heads, you might not be getting the maximum benefit of your system. For instance, you want to make sure that the ideal distance between heads is putting down just the right amount of water. But when heads are too close together, the property may be getting overwatered, leading to a standing water problem. Conversely, if the heads are too far apart, your property might not be receiving ample water in certain areas.

Sometimes heads can get knocked out of place and need to be adjusted. A bump with a mower can easily set a spray head off course. But the last thing that you want is to find your irrigation system is watering your hardscaped areas instead of your greenery because the placement wasn’t checked. Making sure that water is being put down where it’s needed is important. 

Your Landscape Must be Supported for Its Needs

It’s so important that the highly specific needs of your landscape are supported by the system that you have in place. It’s not uncommon for us to evaluate a system and find that some tweaks and upgrades can help better support the landscape the way it needs. This includes having the right components in the places where they’re needed.

That’s because the different components of the system can support your landscape in different ways. For example, while flower beds may be best-supported by pop-up heads, the turf area is usually best-supported by spray heads. 

It all depends upon your specific property and its highly unique needs. There is no one-size-fits all solution for irrigation. It must be customized to provide the watering support that your lawn and landscape require.

Automatic Garden Irrigation Spray system watering flowerbed

Remember that Needs Change

It’s also important to remember that your landscaping needs may evolve and change over time. Your landscaped areas are growing and changing and how much water they require is not fixed in time forever. It’s so important that your system is evaluated in terms of how much water your landscape presently needs (and where it’s needed).

On top of that, you might have added or removed plants and that’s going to change your watering needs as well. If you’ve made any changes to your landscape but haven’t re-evaluated watering needs, it might be time to do that. It may just be a seasonal change. Enhancement work, such as adding new flower installations on your commercial property, may absolutely alter your watering needs. Just make sure you’re keeping up.

Achieve Watering Success

If you want the best results, you need to make sure that your property is being watered as it should. These days, advances in irrigation systems are making watering more efficient—and can even save you money. If you think your watering can be improved upon, it might be time for an evaluation. 

At Carruthers Landscape Management, we can partner with you to ensure that your commercial property is being watered optimally and that you’re getting the results you desire. This might also include having a Water Audit performed—a helpful service that we provide which will analyze your usage, seek out problems, and even predict your future watering costs.

We can help you gain confidence that your property is being watered as it should so that you receive the best results.

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