Are you feeling frustrated by a lack of possibilities for your small commercial property? You’ve likely found that people value outdoor areas more than ever before—but what if you don’t have much space to work with? 

While you may assume that you’re out of luck, the truth is, there are plenty of possibilities. 

Even if you have a small commercial property, you can still maximize the use—and the beauty—of your space with the right landscape design. The truth is, space restrictions do not have to inhibit you from having an attractive landscape—and if you’ve been told that, then your landscape company isn’t thinking outside of the box. Not all commercial properties can have massive plant beds and a ton of plantings. Sometimes, design choices have to be more creative.

It all comes down to making wise choices that help you to get the most out of limited space.

Go for Wow Factor

Landscape enhancements can go a long way in adding wow factor to a small space. You might not have the space for sprawling plant beds or a huge colorful display, but you can get the most out of your smaller space with selective choices that still have a big effect. 

Go for bold and colorful flowers and plants for the most impactful seasonal displays. Arranging flowers in a meaningful way is even more important when you have a small area to work with. A thoughtful arrangement of flowers can really have a big impact even in a small area.

Of course, flowers aren’t your only choice. You might even think about adding a specimen tree that could really make a noticeable statement in a small space. There are many different ornamental trees available in vibrant shades and unique styles which could be a landscape design highlight. 

Think about Hardscaping for Functionality

If you have a small outdoor space that feels like it’s not getting maximum use, then you might need to think about ways that you can increase the functionality. Hardscaping can be a great solution. 

For instance, maybe you have an office complex with a very small outdoor space and your office tenants are not using it for their lunch breaks. It could be because it’s so unfunctional. If you were to add a hardscaped patio with some seating areas, you could really increase the use instead of having a big blank grassy area.

That’s not to say you have to get rid of all your green space. After all, it’s the attractive plantings that often draw people to the outdoors in the first place. But instead of having a grassy courtyard—which may have been annoying to mow in the first place—you can turn it into a hardscaped patio with some beautiful plant beds or container gardens for wow factor and greenery. 

These types of additions add value to your property and help keep tenants happy. Research shows that people are spending more time outdoors than ever before and having a commercial property with useable outdoor space is highly desired.



Don’t Forget the Small Details

As you think about making the most out of your limited outdoor space, you’ll likely find that those small details really matter. When the landscaped areas are smaller, people are going to be paying more attention to those little details than ever—and they can really make your space pop.

For instance, making sure that your plant beds are properly edged can help you keep that meticulous look that shows you care about your outdoor area. Similarly, making sure that mulching is kept up with will keep your space looking fresh and appealing.

Work with a Landscape Pro that Won’t Limit Your Possibilities

If you’ve ever driven around and looked at the commercial properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, then you know they often tend to look a lot alike. It’s not uncommon for commercial landscape contractors to get caught up in a certain way of doing things—and replicating that look again and again.

But that becomes problematic when working on small commercial property where the same-old solutions won’t work. 

That’s why it’s so beneficial to work with a landscape contractor that won’t limit your possibilities. Ideally, you want a professional who can help create custom solutions for your space—no matter what the size.

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