Landscape Improvements for Industrial Properties

If you have an industrial property, you might be looking for some of the best ways to improve your site. Though it might not always get the attention that it deserves, your landscape is a vital aspect of your overall property.

Here are some easy ways to make improvements.

Considering Landscape Improvements for Safety

As you consider improvements, one of the first areas that you should evaluate is your property’s safety and how your landscaping either contributes positively or negatively. There’s no question that landscaping can play a role in overall site safety.

For instance, are your tree and shrub branches regularly trimmed back or do they hang over sidewalks and walkways where someone can run into them? Do these branches cause visibility problems that need to be addressed? We’ve seen plenty of commercial properties where landscaping such as overgrown shrubs blocked critical signs and made them impossible to read.

Lighting also plays a critical role in the overall safety of your property. If your site is poorly lit, it can pose significant risks and needs to be evaluated.

Adding Landscape Boulders

One of the most overlooked but easy ways to dramatically impact your landscape’s aesthetic appeal is with the addition of decorative landscape boulders. These are such an easy way to boost the overall look of your space—adding interest and appeal. Yet, it’s a feature that is completely maintenance free!

A lot of commercial properties consider the use of landscape boulders at their entry site. You might consider several large boulders along with some seasonal flowers for some simple but effective curb appeal.

Incorporating Perennial Flowers

Of course, nothing quite adds curb appeal like the addition of flowers. While season annuals will give you a bright burst of color, these need to be refreshed every year. For that reason, you also want to be sure that you have a steady base of perennials which will provide important foundational greenery even when they’re not in bloom.

Knowing which perennials will work best for your industrial property—and where—isn’t always an easy task. But working with a landscape professional who has horticultural expertise will allow you to feel confident that the best possible plant selections are made on your property.

Keep Rat Runs Running

If your property has rat runs that employees use, then it’s important that these areas are not neglected as they can be important for optimal efficiency. That means ensuring that overgrowth isn’t suddenly blocking the roadways and making them unusable. Keeping these areas clear and functional is key!

Considering Functional Employee Areas

Finally, there’s no question that one of the biggest trends in commercial landscaping right now is multi-functional spaces—and this is certainly true of industrial sites, too. Your employees are looking for outdoor areas where they can sit down and take a break—or have their lunch. You might consider some simple hardscaping in order to be able to add some tables and create a functional outdoor space that your employees can utilize. After all, as they say, a happy employee is a productive one!

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