Landscape Management vs. Landscape Service

There are a lot of companies that talk about being a “landscape management” company. They might even have those words in their name—like we do. But that’s not enough to be sure that a company is truly doing what it takes to fully manage a landscape. Unfortunately, a lot of these same companies turn out to be no more than “order takers,” and they’ll just run through a series of motions and put your service on autopilot.

But “managing” a property is much more than that.

Let’s look at some key ways in which a landscape management company is different from just a landscape service.

Landscape Management is Adaptable to Change

True landscape management means assessing a property’s needs at each and every visit and making potential changes as needed. After all, a landscape is an evolving living thing and needs can sometimes vary from visit to visit.

For example, if trees don’t need their lower limbs pruned on a visit, a management staff member should redirect the staff to focus on another area that needs attention. But what typically ends up happening is that the crews are automatically discharged and take the rest of the day off rather than working.

Landscape Management is Customized

No two properties are exactly alike. And yet, a lot of landscape services treat them like they are. They’re used to doing landscaping tasks a certain way and they just repeat those services again and again. There’s no customization or effort to alter their approach based on where they’re working.

Sometimes this has to do with training. There aren’t a lot of landscape companies that really emphasize solid training and many crew members really only know one way of doing things.

But truly managing a property means implementing a customized approach. What is done on one property might need to be completely switched up for another. It comes down to fully meeting each property’s individual and varying needs.

Landscape Management “Sweats the Small Stuff”

The “small stuff” matters when it comes to optimally managing a landscape. But a lot of landscape services overlook lots of seemingly small details. Besides the fact that overlooking a lot of little details can start to become a much bigger deal, it’s also just a major frustration. After all, you’ve hired a landscape company to take over your worries but they’re ignoring details that matter to you.

For instance, maybe you always want to make sure that all grass clippings are blown off of the walkways. Or, perhaps you have a certain way that you’d like an ornamental tree pruned. These details matter to you and though your landscape company might dismiss them as minor, to you, they’re important. Fortunately, a landscape management firm will view them as important, too.

Landscape Management Means a Partnership

So, what helps make a landscape management company different? How do they ensure that your needs really are met in some of the ways discussed above? One of the biggest differences with a landscape management firm (as opposed to just an ordinary landscaping service) is that they’re going to value communication. They want to hear from you—and they know you want to hear from them. It’s a two-way street.

In other words, it’s a partnership.

When you hire a company like Carruthers to handle your landscape management, you can truly count on us to partner with you in order to get you the best results. We’re more than just order takers or a landscaping service that’s going to do the bare minimum and then move on to the next property as quickly as possible.

At the end of the day, we’re here for you. That means we’ll partner with you to ensure that all of your landscape needs are fully met.

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