Landscaping for your Commercial Common Area

Common areas are vital to any commercial property. Potential clients, customers and consumers are all gaining their first impression through the quality of a commercial property’s general landscaping, especially so in areas where individuals go to congregate and spend a significant amount of time in groups. These areas must be well taken care of, inviting and a display of your company’s care for the comfort of your employees and visitors.

Most large scale commercial properties utilize common areas in some way, whether that be business parks with outdoor seating areas, or universities offering students areas to study and gather, large buildings nearly look naked these days without an outdoor common area.

In this blog we will discuss some key areas in which you can improve your common areas to create a more inviting environment and why this should be a top priority.

Why is my common area important?

Deriving from Ancient Greece the term “biophilia”, meaning “love of life” has been used to describe a human tendency to desire or even need a connection with nature in order to thrive. Studies have shown that indoor plants can lower stress, a garden view increases productivity and natural light has a beneficial effect on sleep patterns, all backing up the claim that humans connecting with nature can only be a positive. Giving your employees an area to grab a breath of fresh air, or to take a potential client on a nice day, can make all the difference in the world when compared to a dark and dreary landscape.

How can I improve my commercial common area?

Plants are an easy biophilic addition to any outdoor common area. Adding flower beds filled with geraniums, petunias or another annual that you find pleasant can foster a fantastic sense of beauty in an outdoor common area. Having a variety of plants that bloom in different parts of the year can even keep your commercial common area bright and beautiful all year round.

Outdoor Seating

Creating a healthy space where individuals and groups, whether tenants of an apartment complex or students of a university, can congregate can create a unifying community within your commercial property, and is a relatively simple task. A few benches and some well placed shrubs often does the trick, although covered tables, made to seat two can also allow for a much appreciated location for private conversations on a nice day.

Fountains and Ponds

Water fountains and ponds can not only compliment your outdoor common area, but allow for a biophilic effect, as nature becomes more integrated into your common area. Wildlife, such as birds will find a comforting place to spend their time, making your outdoor common area seem that more natural. The water’s sound, appearance and motion create a more peaceful experience for the enjoyment of everyone outside.

Commercial Landscaping with Carruthers

When it comes to Commercial Landscaping, and especially outdoor common areas, we here at Carruthers Landscaping specialize in working with you to create the outdoor environment you have always dreamed of having at your place of business or otherwise commercial property. Give us a call at (972) 620-9560 with any of your landscaping needs.

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