There are a number of different landscaping problems that you can encounter on your commercial property—and frankly, some of them are unavoidable. Even with the best preventative efforts, your lawn or landscape could still become subject to certain disease or pest problems. Fortunately, if you’ve been working with a proactive professional, these problems will be caught and addressed early.

That being said, there are landscaping problems that are completely avoidable. Dealing with landscaping problems that could have been prevented are in many ways a bigger frustration considering the fact they didn’t have to happen.

Here are some of the most common landscaping problems that are avoidable with the right action.

Planting Errors

Sometimes, problems with the commercial landscape could have been avoided during the planting phase. When trees or shrubs are planting too close together or with no regard to their future growth, trouble can arise down the road. You could have overgrowth that interferes with walkways or maybe you have roots that are lifting up pavers in hardscaped areas. This is why the future growth habits of plants must be considered during the planting phase.

Planting errors can also impact the health of trees and shrubs. If a tree or shrub is continually sickly and it seems that you can’t do anything to improve its health, it could be that plant material was chosen which is not well-suited to the area. As frustrating as it can be, replacing poorly chosen plant material sometimes makes more sense than continually investing in treatments that never seem to truly solve the problem.

Mulching Mistakes

Another super common landscaping problem is mulching mistakes. Mulching is one of those landscaping services that seems as simplistic as can be. However, in reality, there is a right and wrong way to mulch. Some of the most prevalent mulching errors include over or under-mulching, creating mulch volcanoes, or using a subpar mulch product. Each of these missteps can wreak havoc even though they are easily avoidable with proper mulching habits. 

The trouble is, even when mulching is done by a professional, it’s one of those services that is sometimes rushed or by performed by an untrained worker. We understand that it isn’t rocket science, but there’s more to mulching than people tend to realize. Making a mistake such as piling mulch against a tree (a “mulch volcano”) can actually cause bark rot and begin to damage the tree. But how many times have you driven around and seen trees mulched exactly this way? It’s obvious the miseducation is rampant. 

Mulching mistakes can lead to the decline of your landscape but are completely avoidable. 

Brown Patches (or Dead Grass)

As we mentioned, there are certainly some diseases and pest problems that are unavoidable and can cause brown patches in your grass. If left untreated, they can decimate your lawn. Sometimes you do everything right and a problem like this still creeps in. 

That being said, there are plenty of disease and pest problems that can be avoided with preventative attention. Lawn grubs are a perfect example. There are valuable preventative treatments that can be used to prevent this destructive lawn pest in the first place.

In general, keeping up with a vigilant lawn care program in which early signs of trouble are spotted and addressed swiftly is the key to preventing brown patches or dead grass. Grass can turn brown from more than just disease and pest problems—it can be weather related, irrigation related, and more. But if you have a professional keeping a watchful eye on your property, these types of problems can be avoided or at least addressed quickly.

Your Partner for Success

At the end of the day, preventing landscaping problems really does come down to partnering with a professional that has your back. We understand that you can’t be expected to know everything there is to know about landscaping. It’s why you rely on a professional who knows what your property needs and gets those solutions into place in a timely and effective way.

When it comes to avoiding common landscaping mistakes, the solution lies in hiring the right professional. While we’d love to say that any landscape company will know how to perform services properly, the truth is that many companies employ poorly trained people who are prone to making errors.

But when it comes to your landscape, you want to hire someone you can count on. 

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