There are many stark differences between small-scale landscapes and that of large-scale landscapes of commercial property. Generally speaking, everything is bigger. From the lawns to the number of materials, to the labor, there is just more to be done. Oftentimes, commercial property owners and managers alike fail to understand the difference. Not all landscaping companies are built the same, with some being more equipped for these large commercial properties. There may also be an increased need for involvement on a larger scale project. If you are considering an enhancement or installation on your commercial property, there are a few things you need to be cognizant of as you make your decisions. Whether it be the current trends or future maintenance, here is what to consider for large-scale landscape installations.

Large-Scale Landscape

Reputation of Company

When looking for someone to perform the necessary work on your large-scale landscape, your first consideration should be the quality of the company in question. There are a few pieces of information you should be aware of. You need to ensure that it is a commercial landscaping company, with the available resources to complete an intensive job, as well as the management and communication to keep you well informed throughout the process. Check reviews and scope out websites to determine if you are working with the right landscape provider. Just remember, you will find all of these qualities at Carruthers.

Long Term Ramifications

As you consider the installation of a large landscaping project, there is more to think about than that shiny new piece of greenery. Your landscape is a living environment that will be around for a long time. If you plan to continue management or ownership of your property, you should consider how the project will affect long-term maintenance, as well as the look of the property over time. If there are trees or shrubs, you have to understand their growth to maturity. Likewise, an addition to your lawn will require an increase in irrigation efforts. Just be wary of what your installation means for the future of your landscape.

Follow the Trends: Sustainability

In the same vein as the previous section, you also need to be wary of what is in, and what is out. All across the internet, and especially on our very own blog, you can find relevant articles discussing the top trends in the landscaping industry. Avoiding those trends from years past, you should look for trends that have long-term benefits. One of our favorites is sustainable landscaping. This means increasing efficiency to reduce waste and using native materials that require less maintenance. Examples include the installation of a smart irrigation system or plants that attract wildlife. Long term this is nothing but a benefit and should be considered when taking on a large project.

Treat your Large-Scale Landscape as an Investment

Any installation of landscaping material on your property should be viewed as an amenity. Think about how this amenity will benefit those who frequent your property. Whether it be visitors, tenants, or even a potential buyer, you should be invested in their opinion of your property. Treat your large-scale landscape installation as an investment, in those who make your property great.

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