Should you take on a Multi-Year Landscape Contract?

Managing a commercial property is no small chore. We know there is a lot that goes into maintaining the health of a large property, especially its landscape. While there are many routes available, every property manager knows there is no avoiding the inevitability of hiring a commercial landscape company well suited to meet their needs. If you are that property manager, you realize that a beautiful landscape is essential to the goals of your property owner, and you recognize all the associated benefits. While a commercial landscape company provides so many obvious benefits: peace of mind, consistency, and uniformity, there is much to consider when it comes to contracts. There are some obvious red flags you should look out for in any landscape contract, but assuming the companies worth consideration are all up to par, your last choice to make is contract length. A multi-year landscaping contract has its pros and cons, and we have gathered them for you right here, so you can stay informed when hiring your next commercial landscaping provider.

Vendor Relationships

When you sign a short-term landscaping contract, you are entering with a lack of trust. The whole process, and your relationship with your landscape provider begins with the idea that it could end very soon. Your provider may feel scrutinized and unable to show improvement as the contract does not allow them to become familiar with the work. It may be more difficult to get to know your vendor on a personal level, and they may struggle to understand your needs. A multi-year contract can foster trust, become an investment and create a lasting professional relationship. 

On the other hand, a short term landscape contract can help you escape the potential for your landscape provider to perform poorly. If you aren’t so sure about the company you choose to work with, you probably shouldn’t be taking them on, but if you do, a short term deal can allow you to see what you’re dealing with. Balancing the two sides of this coin is something every property manager must attempt to do.

Long Term Planning

When you sign a multi-year or long term contract, you are typically going to be able to see all the details related to cost and budget for the term of the contract. This is invaluable when it comes to your task as a property manager, establishing a constant variable in your future accounting equations. 

Conversely, the allure of being able to re-negotiate pricing annually is there, but typically pricing will be better when you commit long term.

Investment in Future Success

A combination of both aforementioned points, the final thing to consider in the taking on of a multi year landscape contract is your future. When you consider your bids, and choose a landscaper, you are making a decision to develop a relationship with them over time, entrusting to them the health of your property. You allow yourself to build a plan, full of enhancements, maintenance and design, all with the confidence that it will be taken care of for years to come. Multi-year contracts have their potential, as well as their downfalls. We are confident that if it comes to taking on a contract with Carruthers, you will find that your commercial property will be in safe hands for the entirety of our contract, no matter the length.

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