Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Keeping your lawn looking its best in the heat of the summer is no small feat—especially here in Dallas-Fort Worth area where temperatures can hit triple digits and drought conditions are likely.

But the last thing that you want is your lawn to start failing come summer. That’s why you might be wondering what services are most important to maintain a healthy summer lawn.

Let’s take a look at some of the summer lawn care tips that need to be on your radar in order to keep your commercial lawn looking its best.

Lawn Care is a Year-Round Necessity

A thick and thriving lawn is the carpet of your commercial property. The key to achieving these results comes down to ongoing fertilization. Although lawn care needs like fertilization slowdown in the winter, grass needs nutrients year-round to remain healthy. Remember that fertilizer must be watered in so it’s ideal to run your irrigation system after an application.

When it comes to proper lawn fertilization in the summer, it’s important to work with a professional who will implement appropriate timing as poor fertilization timing can result in increased pest and disease problems.

Make Sure Your Lawn is Receiving Ample Water

One of the ways that lawns can suffer most in the summer is by drying out during periods of drought. Grass needs water to remain healthy and vibrant and when Mother Nature isn’t providing it, you need an irrigation system to make up for what’s missing.

Of course, given the fact that watering restrictions are often likely in our region, you want to make sure that every drop of water you’re putting down is useful. This is where smart controller technology can be powerful. Smart controllers account for local weather and soil conditions so that you can prevent wasteful watering and ensure your lawn is getting exactly what it needs.

Utilize Specialized Control to Keep Weeds from Running Rampant

Summer weeds can be a frustrating aspect of summer lawn care as there are certain varieties that are aggressive and keep coming back. Some of the weeds that we see most often include Dallisgrass, Dandelion, Wild Violet, Spurge, and Nutsedge—among others. If you’ve dealt with weeds like these before then you probably know they can be hard to knock down. 

Fortunately, there are answers. A comprehensive weed control program that includes specialized products that specifically target grassy weeds like Dallisgrass and Nutsedge is a key to success. It’s important to recognize that not all weeds can be controlled with a blanketed approach. It must be multi-faceted with specialty products as needed.

Partner with a Pro for an Eye on your Property

Even when you’re doing everything right, summer lawn problems like pests or lawn fungal diseases can still rear their ugly heads. That’s why it’s so important to partner with a professional who can be keeping a watchful eye on your property. When you work with a commercial lawn care provider, you’re not only getting the lawn treatments that you need, but you’re also gaining the assurance that a pro is watching out for early signs of trouble. Oftentimes, the faster you can attack a problem, the better off you’ll be.

Although our brutal summers can be challenging, at Carruther’s Landscape Management, we’re here to look out for your lawn. You can count on us to do whatever we can to keep your summer lawn healthy. 

If you have any landscaping needs; commercial or residential, don’t hesitate to give our team at Carruthers Landscaping a call at (972) 620-9560.

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