Sustainable Landscaping Tips and Tricks

One of the many benefits that can be seen as you work with a large commercial landscaper, is the ability to work towards objectives within your landscape. Whether this be a goal of low maintenance, or reduced costs, there are certain action items you can take on to ensure the success of these goals. In 2021, one of the most important and popular objectives in the green industry is in being sustainable and environmentally friendly. Considering the local environment in your landscaping endeavors can have a greater impact than you imagine. Your commercial landscape itself is home to many species of plants and animals, so keeping it well maintained benefits more than just your bottom line. However, many are lost when it comes to exactly how to achieve a sustainable landscape, or the benefits. Here are a few of the ways you can pursue a sustainable landscape on your commercial property.

Use Native Plant Material

From perennials to trees to shrubs, there are native varieties that are built specifically for the climate of your local area. These plants fare much better than others meant for differing climate zones, and local wildlife are accustomed to them. Because they are meant for your region, they require less maintenance, and less resources to keep them alive. Less water, less fertilizer, and less time will be necessary for healthy plant material. This is the definition of sustainable, as upkeep is minimal, and resource use is low.

Attract Wildlife

Similar to using native plant material, installing the proper plants can actually attract productive wildlife to your property. Not only does it add to a lively feel, you can provide food for pollinators and advance the ecosystem. Birds, bees, and butterflies are all attracted to specific plants, so do your best to pick these out. They need food, water, and shelter, so when you accommodate on your property, they will do the same.

Water Conservation: Smart Irrigation

Another prime way to make your landscape more sustainable is to use less water. Water is a valuable resource, and conservation is vital in many parts of the country. Texas is not immune to drought, so saving water is that much more important. A great way to do this is by investing in a smart irrigation system for your commercial property. Over 70 percent of commercial properties are overwatered and are notorious for guzzling water. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as small breaks, or a lack of active monitoring depending on the weather. Carruthers Smart Water Management system alleviates this problem altogether, as it combines active weather data, 24/7 monitoring, and charitable efforts to save you water and money. When you use the proper amount of water for your property, you save money, allowing you to make more sustainable investments into your property.

Install Hardscapes

Although not green, the installation of any hardscape is inherently sustainable, as it requires no resources to maintain. Hardscapes do not need to be watered or fertilized. They can even replace large patches of your property that do. Decorative rock can act as a plant bed, and a patio can replace a chunk of your lawn. Allowing for great design freedom, you get all the aesthetic benefits, without any of the maintenance. This is peak sustainability.

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