Top 6 Landscape Trends in 2020

Your landscaping is such an important part of your property as a whole. You want to create a landscape that not only boosts curb appeal but that may even play a role in attracting and securing new tenants or employees. Because of that, you might be wondering about the top commercial landscape trends in 2020. What can you do to boost your property’s power?

1. Low Maintenance Landscapes

While not exactly new, low maintenance landscapes will continue to gain traction in 2020. This is most likely due to a number of factors including not only peoples’ increasing concern for the environment but also the fact that everyone is so busy these days. Having a landscape that is easy to care for and can thrive without a ton of hands-on maintenance is a major benefit.

There are a number of ways to make a landscape low maintenance including using native plant material that is naturally more drought-tolerant or replacing some green space with a maintenance-free feature like a decorative rock or sculpture. The bottom line? Your commercial property can be both low maintenance and beautiful.

2. Modern Simplicity

Another big trend being seen in landscaping is a shift toward more simplistic and modern designs. Property managers seem to be seeking sleek, contemporary—and ultimately, simple, landscape designs. That means lots of straight lines in hardscaping and the use of a lot of foundational plantings in the greenery.

There’s no need to go completely over the top. A well-thought-out and meticulously installed landscape can give you everything you need.

3. Multi-Functional Landscapes

It used to be that a commercial property was all about looks. The main focus has always been on curb appeal. While there’s no doubt that’s important, in 2020, more property managers are looking to create landscapes that are multi-functional.

A shopping center with a place for people to sit down and have a meal or an office complex where employees can take a coffee break outside are all becoming “the norm.” More people than ever before are looking to spend time outdoors and they want functional spaces that allow them to do just that.

4. Well-Lit Landscapes

Another big trend in commercial landscaping is landscape lighting. If you have a commercial property with a parking lot then you obviously know that you need a well-lit lot. However, more commercial properties are paying attention to landscape lighting for its aesthetic value. Lighting up trees and shrubs or even complete plant beds can be aesthetically beautiful in the evening hours. And a well-lit landscape can go a really long way in boosting your property’s curb appeal even after the sun goes down.

5. Smart Irrigation

There’s no question that low water usage is already a huge trend and that’s only projected to grow in 2020. Property managers are more aware than ever before of water waste—and what it costs them. As a result, they are looking for smart irrigation solutions that will keep their water usage (and cost) down. New features such as rain sensor technology can prevent costly and wasteful overwatering and there’s no doubt that many property managers are hopping on board with this trend.

6. Increased Attention

Finally, it’s also worth pointing out that the amount of attention that commercial landscaping is receiving is a trend in and of itself. These days a well-groomed and high-quality landscape is an expectation. People are beginning to value outdoor spaces more than ever before and with that comes a growing appreciation for landscaping efforts. In fact, a beautiful landscape could be the selling point that attracts business to your commercial property.

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