Using Biophilia to Improve your Commercial Landscape

Biophilia is the hypothesis that there is a human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature. In non-academic terms, the scientific community has put forward evidence that humans instinctively bond with plant life, and feel better for it. When it comes to biophilic landscape design, it is an effort to create landscapes that benefit the physical and mental health of those operating within it. As can be seen throughout commercial buildings across the country, the corporate world has taken a liking to this green friendly design. You can often find complex interiorscapes full of well manicured plant life, surrounding natural light illuminated workspaces. Although commonly thought of as primarily interior, exterior commercial common areas have begun to be a hotspot for employee and tenant activity. Maintaining your commercial property in a biophilic way, that promotes health and wellness, is key to creating green spaces for employees to enjoy. Here we will go over a few ways in which you can integrate this design process into your commercial property.


Oftentimes, commercial properties, such as office parks and apartment complexes can be very dry and boring. Full of bland colors, and little to no grass. Adding a garden to your commercial landscape, even in the form of a common area, can be a real piece of eye candy, and a wonderful place for residents to spend quality time. Using a variety of plants: perennials, bushes and shady trees can be perfect to set the tone of the property. Working with a specialized commercial landscaping company can be a great way to figure out exactly what greenery would work best for you.

Outdoor Workspaces

Previously referencing the green interior trends of the corporate world, we can’t forget about open-air work environments. Especially in a world of social distancing and health scares, offering employees the ability to work outdoors amidst a well landscaped common area, or beautiful garden can only boost morale. Think about common use benches, with tables and covers that can be found across your property. Studies have shown that these workspaces can increase employee productivity as well as retention.

Potted Plants

Although small, and easy to miss, potted plants are a perfect way to subtly add warmth and color to your commercial landscape. Keeping these potted plants near doors, walkways and entrances can maintain that biophilic feel you are looking for, without breaking the bank.

Exercise Paths

If you had passed by any large corporate campus pre-COVID, you would probably have seen a few joggers. Surprisingly enough, it’s very likely that these joggers were employees. Going right along with creating green spaces that benefit health, adding an exercise path, right through the greenery of your gorgeous commercial property can be a great way to keep employees happy. Nature naturally assists in alleviating stress, as does physical activity. A combination of the two is the perfect merger, and a lot cheaper than an in-house gym! Whether it’s a light walk, filled with conversation, or a serious run, accessibility will mean everything to your employees or tenants.

As the world begins to recognize the value of green spaces, especially in the workplace, you do not want to be left behind. Be the first-mover, not the last, and let Carruthers Landscaping know how we can help you design the green space of your dreams.

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