Using Plants to Create Privacy For Your Industrial Property

Privacy can be a highly coveted amenity on your industrial property. Whether you want to screen out prying eyes from looking in or you want to create beauty on your property by blocking views of unattractive buildings or equipment, plants can assist with all of these efforts. On top of that, they’ll also add value and curb appeal simply for their beauty.

While there’s no question that plants can be incredibly useful when it comes to creating privacy, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Here are a few tips that will help you in your effort.

Choosing the Best Plant Material

Certain plants are going to be more effective at screening than others. Plants that typically work best for privacy purposes are those that grow tall, dense, and/or wide. Of course, exactly which plant will work best for your property will depend upon exactly what you’re trying to screen as well as your specific site conditions. You’ll still need to think about what type of plant material will perform best within the growing conditions your property provides—such as how much sunlight it receives.

Evergreen trees and shrubs make excellent privacy choices thanks to the fact that they hold on to their foliage year-round. They are also dense in nature which is effective for screening. You don’t want to choose a tree or shrub that you can see right through. In terms of diversity, evergreens come in many different sizes, shapes, and forms, giving you plenty to choose from and lots of opportunity for aesthetic appeal.

It’s all About Placement

When it comes to utilizing plants for privacy, it really does come down to placement. Your landscape professional needs to think about what they’re blocking and how plants can be best-placed to achieve those goals. This includes thinking about the future—how tall and wide will plants get over time.

While most people think of creating a “privacy hedge” with one long row of plants, staggering plants to block lines of sight can also be effective. When trees or shrubs are staggered, it creates a more natural look which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

Another benefit to staggering is that during the growth period, as plants are filling in, you won’t have huge gaps in between each one. This can help create a sense of privacy even sooner.

Maintenance Matters

Finally, you’ll also want to think about privacy plant maintenance. After all, you’ll want these trees and shrubs to keep their shape not only for optimal appearance but also so they continue to provide the best screening capabilities. It’s also important to keep these plants in good health so that you can protect your investment in them. When you’ve invested in trees and shrubs to serve your functional needs, the last thing that you want is to lose one and suddenly have a large gap in what was meant to be a privacy screen.

Fortunately, by investing in professional landscape maintenance, you don’t have to worry about losing a privacy plant. You can also rest assured that your landscape is going to continue to look and perform its best for years to come. It’s that kind of peace of mind that makes professional landscaping invaluable. 

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