What Does Commercial Landscape Management Consist Of?

As a commercial landscaping company, we specialize in commercial landscape management. Oftentimes, people do not quite understand what this entails, as it is different from the general landscape maintenance you may see offered by less experienced, smaller, or newer landscaping companies. We deal with extremely large commercial properties, from university campuses, to large corporate office parks. These landscapes require more than just maintenance, but a team of trained experts in a variety of landscape services. From tree care to irrigation, we do it all. That is what landscape management is. Being a full service commercial landscaping provider, and offering our clients everything they need to keep their landscape needs centralized in one location. 

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Where many companies stop, we begin. As a staple service, we offer mowing, edging, fertilization, and weed control to our commercial clients. We use commercial grade equipment, and our employees are trained and updated on all current best practices. Your lawn is the jewel of your commercial property, so we make sure to keep it healthy, beyond just keeping it cut. For example, if your lawn takes on pests or disease, we can treat it.

Arbor Care and Tree Services

Just like your lawn, we manage the health and safety of your trees. Many landscaping companies do not have the luxury of being able to offer arbor care services, whereas we offer a full range. We possess the employees and equipment that make it possible for us to perform tree trimming, pruning, removal, disease and pest control. We also offer cabling, fertilization, and emergency tree services. With trees, safety is our top priority, as dead limbs, and dead branches, could cause your visitors harm.

Design and Construction (Enhancements)

Beyond maintenance, we know many property managers and owners love to get a leg up on the competition by installing new and unique pieces of landscaping. This may be a new flower bed, garden, or brand new shrub and tree installation. We also work with decorative rock, and annual color rotations to make sure you are always in season. Whatever the enhancement is, our team of design experts will work with you to make your exact specifications become a reality. 

Irrigation: Where We Stand Alone

As aforementioned, your lawn is a vital part of your property, and keeping it lush and green takes more than some basic gardening. The same can be said for all of the plant material: annuals and perennials, across your property. A key part of this is irrigation. Now, Carruthers boasts our unique “Carruthers Water Management Program.” We have partnered with Weathermatic, to offer our landscape management clients a smart irrigation option. This includes state of the art technology, from real time weather data, to 24/7 monitoring and remote access. It saves our clients thousands of dollars per year on their water bill, and gives them a better performing system which results in a better looking property.

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