When Does It Pay To Switch to a Smart Irrigation Controller?

As many of our clients know, we recently partnered with Weathermatic to introduce a smart irrigation system to new and existing clients. We advertise this system as saving you time, water and money. Utilizing a combination of active weather data, 24/7 monitoring, and remote access, we optimize the proper amount of water your commercial property needs. The comparison comes, when you already possess a commercial grade irrigation system, and what the real difference is. Did you know that 90 percent of current commercial irrigation systems overwater and possess unrepaired breaks? What about the fact that 70 percent of commercial water use is on landscapes? Or, that the overwatering that takes place, is 50 percent on average? Now, as a property owner, property manager, or HOA, your goal is to maximize your profit, while maintaining a beautiful landscape. Let us show you how smart irrigation does just that. 

Maintenance Problems

One of the most common issues with commercial irrigation systems is that they are not adequately maintained, and small breaks cause accumulating problems over time. A few percentage points of misallocation can add up, with you losing out on thousands of dollars. With our Weathermatic technology, our Carruthers water management team is notified instantly of any system problems, from a power outage to a stuck valve. Then, we promptly send a team out to fix the issue. In the meantime, the system will automatically shut down the affected area, to prevent loss.

Prevent Overwatering, Save Money

As we previously discussed, commercial properties are notorious for overwatering, and we have calculated that our system prevents this overwatering, resulting in a savings of 38 percent, on average, on your yearly water bill. Now, imagine what 38 percent of your yearly water bill could be used for within your landscape, on enhancements, and property improvements. Not only that, but if we conservatively estimate only 20 percent, your controllers will be paid for in roughly a year and a half by your savings. So, you are getting a much higher quality irrigation system that pays for itself, no brainer.

Conservation Efforts

If you thought the only benefits to switching to our smart irrigation system was for you, you thought wrong. Our partners at Weathermatic have a global program that they refer to as the “#SaveWaterGiveLife program, where each controller installed results in the donation of 1 lifetime supply of clean water for someone in a thirsty community around the world. And, when you save water, you are doing your community a service as well. 

Better Technology, Better Results

The simple fact is, your landscape will look and feel better, using weather based programming, instead of the general time based programming. Your landscape, from lawn to plant material, will receive the proper amount of water. No more, no less. When you save money from this program, you will then increase the budget to be spent on other landscaping enhancements for your commercial property.

No Money Out of Pocket

If you need one last reason to switch, there is no money coming out of your pocket. The cost of your controllers can be implemented into your already existing contract, and if need be, spread out over the course of up to 36 months. This could make your monthly payment as low as 50 dollars per controller, while you save 38 percent per year on your water bill. Don’t think twice!

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