Why you need Smart Water Management

In today’s world, everything is about “smart” technology.  You can deck your home and life out in smart devices that range the spectrum from smart thermostats to smart watches to smart sunglasses.  As technology advances more and more processes will become automated and smart.  This is for a good reason – smart devices tend to decrease waste and increase efficiency which maximizes capabilities while minimizing cost.  One area many people may not realize that has become “smart” is their irrigation system.  An irrigation system is critical to any property owner’s landscape because it keeps the landscape properly irrigated on a consistent schedule so that a property owner does not have to try to remember when they last watered the lawn or the rose bushes out front.  But now irrigation has gotten even more sophisticated with smart water management. This is why you need smart water management for your commercial or residential property.

Efficient Advantages

Smart irrigation systems offer a variety of advantages over traditional irrigation systems.  Smart irrigation systems can optimize water levels based on things such as soil moisture and weather predictions.  This is done with wireless moisture sensors that communicate with the smart irrigation controls and help inform the system whether or not the landscape is in need of water.  Additionally, the smart irrigation control receives local weather data that can help it determine when a landscape should be watered.

Enhanced Landscape Health and Beauty

Many people are concerned that making the switch to a smart irrigation controller will hurt their landscape because their plants won’t get enough water. But, the number 1 cause of landscape loss is overwatering, not underwatering. This proves that an adjustment just might take your landscape to the next level.

Smart irrigation controllers can be adjusted to water your plants the right amount so they can thrive. Some controllers adjust for the soil type as well which cycles and soaks your irrigation in the perfect increments of time, so water is absorbed and doesn’t run off. They also adjust for rain which prevents overwatering that can harm your plants.

Prepare for the Future

One-third of the U.S. now pays more for water than electricity. Water rates are continuing to rise and water is generally a top operation cost. The cost of water is rising faster than all other utility costs. Those rates will continue to rise to pay for infrastructure improvements. A smart irrigation controller can help you get ahead of the water cost curve and help the planet by conserving your water resources.

By saving water, you are helping to maintain the water supply for your community, because you will be continuously saving and protecting water. In addition, you will be supporting green businesses that deliver meaningful environmental protection. You will also be a positive example to the rest of your community and inspire others to make the commitment to saving water as well. 

Carruthers Water Management Program

As discussed in a previous blog, we here at Carruthers Landscaping recently announced the rollout of our staple “Carruthers Water Management Program” centered around smart water management. Our program provides unmatched service, beautiful, healthy landscapes, water cost savings, and greater sustainability.

If you are interested in learning more about our water management program or any other services we offer at Carruthers Landscaping, check out our previous blog, check out our website or contact us today at (972) 620-9560.

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